Pluriversale VII
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Updates, Press Reviews, and Statement on the Reduction of the Budget of the Academy
• 20​ 09​ – 10​ 12​ 2017 •
Stealing from the West
Performances, readings, collages
• 30​ 11​ 2017 •
Bik Van der Pol/Youth Academy
The City & the City Release Party
Stage performance and discussion
• 02​ 12​ 2017 •
Milo Rau
Compassion: The History of the Machine Gun
Job offer
Consultant for press- and public relations

The municipality of Cologne has cut the operational subsidy of the Academy of the Arts of the World for 2018 from 1.000.000 Euro to 600.000 Euro. This was decided by the City Council of Cologne at the meeting on the 7th of November. On the...
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