• 02​ 09​ – 16​ 12​ 2016 •
Youth Academy - Call "Pretentious, flirtatious, mesmerizing"* - Aesthetics and Politics in Art

Fall 2016 Program with KATARINA ZDJELAR

What does it mean for art to be socially and politically relevant?
Is it possible to create an artwork that is both aesthetically powerful and a strong political statement?
How can seemingly abstract art forms like dance or music gain social and political significance?
The Youth Academy, the alternative education program of the Academy of the Arts of the World Cologne, invites you to reflect on these questions with guest curator KATARINA ZDJELAR in fall 2016.

Reconstruction as Construction:

Dance for Käthe Kollwitz

The focus of the Youth Academy’s fall 2016 season is a collaboration with artist KATARINA ZDJELAR. In her research at the Dance Archives Cologne she came across dancer and performer Dore Hoyer. Dore Hoyer founded a dance school in the ruins of Dresden directly after the Second World War. The studio’s first performance in 1946 was called Dance for Käthe Kollwitz. Hoyer dedicated this production to the Communist Party. The few recordings of the performance are located in Cologne. Based on this research KATARINA ZDJELAR wants to develop a new work that uses the gaps in the archive’s memory as a starting point for the imagining of a new project.

In collaboration with you she wishes to broaden her preliminary research work and together continually call into question the (political) currency of archive material. The connection between aesthetics and politics is also foregrounded. As members of the Youth Academy you have the opportunity to negotiate these central elements of artistic work and to exchange views with KATARINA ZDJELAR and other guests. Part of the workshop days will be spent visiting the Dance Archives as well as to Käthe Kollwitz Museum. In addition KATARINA ZDJELAR will prepare a series of texts which she wishes to read and discuss with you. In addition to this theoretical foundation, you will have the chance to discuss artworks with her and receive practical assignments and other opportunities for experience.

Katarina Zdjelar

The fall program of the Youth Academy accompanies the exhibition To Walk A Line by KATARINA ZDJELAR, which takes place at the Academy of the Arts of the World’s ACADEMYSPACE from 2 9 2016 to 16 12 2016. KATARINA ZDJELAR is an artist who works in moving images, sound, performance, and book projects. Her work was recently featured in solo exhibitions at Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, Poland; Kunstverein Bielefeld; Artium, the Basque Museum – Center for Contemporary Art in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain; the Centre for Contemporary Art Celje, Slovenia; and the Centre d’Art Contemporain in Fribourg, Switzerland; as well as at the 53rd Venice Biennale. She lives and works in Rotterdam and Belgrade.

What Is the Youth Academy?

The Academy of the Arts of the World organizes (semi)annually its own alternative artistic education program for young people in Cologne. The Youth Academy offers you the opportunity to reflect artistically on politically urgent questions and to exchange views in a forum with invited guest curators. All interested individuals between 18 and 28 years old can be involved in the Youth Academy and in this way discover and contribute to alternative forms of education and engagement with artistic and intellectual themes. The projects of this program focus on varying genres—from performance and music, video art and fine art as well as dance and literature to photography and design. At present there ist an increasing capitalization of schools and universities. Solidary or artistic possibilities for exchange are considered less and less valuable. Maintaining and reimagining these arenas are exactly the goals of the Youth Academy. Through the intensive and four to eight month long collaboration in a group solidarity and a common language among young people with diverse backgrounds should be created. Participants should come ready with their interest honed for critical engagement with aesthetically inquiring art, political themes, research work as space for debate, and transdisciplinary collaboration with other young artists and cultural workers.

Workshop Dates

Friday 23 9 2016 6pm

Saturday 24 9 2016 10am

Thursday 20 10 2016 2:30pm

Saturday 29 10 2016 10am

Saturday 26 11 2016 10am

Sunday 27 11 2016 11am

Other Workshops

In addition to the workshops of Katarina Zdjelar and her guests there is the opportunity in October to take part in workshops with LOUIS HENDERSON, AVI MOGRABI, and LAWRENCE ABU HAMDAN. You will find further information on the website of the Academy of the Arts of the World.


The Youth Academy Program runs parallel to PLURIVERSALE V, from 2 9 2016 to 16 12 2016

The whole program will be conducted in English.

Download the registration form, fill it out completely, and send it by 2 SEPTEMBER 2016 to youthacademy@academycologne.org

You will receive confirmation from Nora Wiedenhöft, Director of the Youth Academy.

  • The current title of the Youth Academy is a quote from Hito Steyerl. Politics of Art: Contemporary Art and the Transition to Post-Democracy, in: e-flux journal 12/2010, online: http://www.e-flux.com/journal/politics-of-art-contemporary-art-and-the-transition-to-post-democracy/