• 19​ 04​ 2017 •

Wed 21:00

Venue: Volksbühne am Rudolfplatz, Köln
Tickets: 28 € im VVK und 30 € an der AK; jeweils inkl. VVK-Gebühren, Tickets über

Even 37 years after their founding in the early ’80s the music group Laibach has lost nothing of their scintillating appeal. The use of ideological symbols and quotations from diverse artistic and political-historical contexts, but particularly from the totalitarian ideologies of the 20th century, has time and again led to controversial discussions on the Slovenian band. At the same time Laibach showcases their arsenal of symbols through such varying and ambiguous means that the performances of the group must be understood as commentary on totalitarian forms of power, rather than ideological declarations. The usual critique that Laibach represents a “crypto-fascist” approach is in opposition to the marked collage-like quality, the self-staging as Gesamtkunstwerk, and the consciously monumental exaggeration with loaded content, which simultaneously debunk this criticism. Musically the band is oriented towards such heterogeneous genres as industrial, heavy metal, post-punk, or classical music; sampling or deliberately distorted cover versions are also a part of their repertoire. Laibach will also present themselves at the Volksbühne as an interdisciplinary Gesamtkunstwerk with a performance sure to overwhelm the audience with confusion.

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