Film premiere and talk

• 30​ 05​ 2017 •
Anand Patwardhan Jai Bhim Comrade

Jai Bhim Comrade, 120‘, India 2012, in English; German Premiere
Ensuing talk with the filmmaker ANAND PATWARDHAN and GERHARD KLAS

Venue: Filmpalette, Lübecker Str. 15, 50668 Cologne
6,50 € / 5,50 € reduced
In English

In cooperation with Filmkunstkino Filmpalette and Dokumentarfilminitiative

One of the key issues for the Old Left in India is the struggle against caste oppression and religious obscurantism, and that is the central topic of Jai Bhim Comrade by renowned Indian documentary filmmaker Anand Patwardhan. It explores the combat of India’s Dalit, abhorred as “untouchables,” denied education and treated as bonded labor for thousands of years. The film departs from an incident at a Dalit colony in Mumbai in 1997, when police opened fire on a crowd of Dalit protesters, killing ten. They had come to demonstrate against the desecration of a statue of Bhimrao Ambedkar, the leader who had encouraged the former untouchables to abandon Hinduism for Buddhism. In the aftermath, Vilas Ghogre, a leftist poet, hung himself in protest. Jai Bhim Comrade follows the poetry and music of people like Vilas, marking a subaltern tradition of reason that, from the days of the Buddha, has fought superstition and religious bigotry. The film has received numerous awards and can be considered “a capstone to Patwardhan’s extraordinary career” (Guardian).

ANAND PATWARDHAN is a documentary filmmaker whose human rights-oriented work is often subject to suppression by the Indian government in power. While some of his films explore the rise of religious fundamentalism and casteism in India, others investigate unsustainable development. Many were awarded at international film festivals in Mumbai, Leipzig, Paris, Hong Kong and other venues. Patwardhan lives and works in Mumbai.