• 14​ 10​ 2017 •
Filastine & Nova DRAPETOMANIA

Drapetomania is the title of the new collaboration of the multimedia duo Filastine & Nova. The term comes from an 18th-century medical diagnosis for an enslaved person’s urge to escape, and this reflects the program of their new album as much as their ability to evade categorization, in a practice combining sound, video, design, dance, and activism – recent interventions include a sound swarm at the Paris Climate Summit and a performance in the “Calais Jungle” migrant camp. Their music is drawn from the globalization of dubstep, combining Afro-Brazilian and North African beats, rap and soul vocals with field recordings, all patched together in improvised studios on their travels. Colliding psychedelic trap, tropical post-folk and a punk ethos, Filastine & Nova reappropriate that tricky, depoliticized field called World Music, conjuring an emergency exit from the Anthropocene.

Filastine & Nova are a multimedia duo collaborating since 2010. Grey Filastine (*1978 in Los Angeles, USA) is a Barcelona-based video artist, composer, and producer whose premiere album Burn It! (2006) built the starting point for many critically acclaimed albums and world tours. Vocalist Nova Ruth (*1982 in Malang, Indonesia) was part of the Indonesian rap sensation Twin Sista (Mother of Nature, 2003) and has been working in various genres with artists like Filastine, Sven Simulacrum, and Unkle Ho. Filastine & Nova create a borderless sound, developing highly conceptual multimedia presentations, incorporating multi-screen visuals, dance, live percussion, and spoken word.