Sonic Lecture, Lecture, Discussion und Screening

• Fri 12 04 2019 •
IN BETWEEN SPACES #1 Mediterranean Crossings


Venue: Stadtgarten Venloer Straße 40, 50672 Köln
In English language
Free admission:

A cooperation of ZAM Zentrum für Aktuelle Musik e.V. with Akademie der Künste der Welt/Köln and the Europäischen Zentrum für Jazz und Aktuelle Musik im Stadtgarten.
Curated by Thomas Gläßer.

Funded by the Fonds TURN der Kulturstiftung des Bundes

Presented by WDR COSMO & Stadtrevue

Set in in the context of current debates on migration and identity, the second evening of IN BETWEEN SPACES: Mediterranean Crossings explores the Mediterranean as a fluid, hybrid, mutable space, "marked by the linguistic, literary, culinary, musical, and intellectual dissemination of Arab, Jewish, Turkish, and Latin cultures, ... a sea of endlessly overlapping cultural and historical currents" (IAIN CHAMBERS). This rather poetic reading will be confronted with the reality of migration, social power structures and the tightening EU border and migration regime in an analysis by IDA DANEWID.
In the footsteps of Paul Gilroy, the Sonic Lecture "Black Med" by Italian artist duo INVERNOMUTO follows the musical and cultural currents and connections crossing the Mediterranean in all directions.
Excerpts from the documentary FUOCOAMMARE, which won the Golden Bear of the Berlinale in 2016, show the parallel universes of the local population and the arriving refugees and migrants on Lampedusa. Talks, film excerpts, a sonic lecture, conversations and discussions open up a space for reflection in which contemporary "post-racial cosmopolitan fantasies" are questioned in the light of material circumstances and power structures and vice versa.

IAIN CHAMBERS is presently Professor of Cultural and Postcolonial Studies at the Oriental University in Naples where he has been Director of the Centre for Postcolonial Studies, and coordinates the PhD programme in ‘Cultural and Postcolonial Studies of the Anglophone world'. He is known for his interdisciplinary and intercultural work on music, popular and metropolitan cultures. More recently he has transmuted this line of research into a series of postcolonial analyses of the formation of the modern Mediterranean.

SIMONE BERTUZZI and SIMONE TRABUCCHI have been collaborating as INVERNOMUTO since 2003. Invernomuto explores what remains of subcultures by moving through different media. Bertuzzi and Trabucchi have developed individual lines of research into sound with the outlets Palm Wine and STILL, respectively. Their in-depth field work lead to Negus: a series of sculptures, installations and a long-feature experimental documentary.

Dr. IDA DANEWID is a Teaching Fellow at SOAS University of London. Her research is situated at the nexus of race, gender, political economy, and radical political thought, and specifically focuses on questions of internationalism and the politics of solidarity. She has written on migration, gentrification, and the black radical tradition, and is currently working on a monograph that examines the shared horizons of global solidarity movements. Her article “White Innocence in the Black Mediterranean: Hospitality and the Erasure of History” won the 2017 Edward Said Award.

MARIA DO MAR CASTRO VARELA is professor of Pedagogy and Social Work at the Alice Salomon University in Berlin. She holds a double degree in Psychology and Pedagogy and a Ph.D. in Political Science. Her research interests besides Gender and Queer Studies are Postcolonial Theory, Critical Migration Studies, and Critical Education. Publications: Postkoloniale Theorie. Eine kritische Einführung (with Nikita Dhawan) and Die Dämonisierung der Anderen. Rassismuskritik der Gegenwart (eds. with Paul Mecheril).
MAI-ANH BOGER currently holds an interim professorship for "Learning in Inclusive Schools" at Universität Paderborn. Her research focusses on educational philosophy and philosophy of Difference and Alterity.

Presented by WDR COSMO & Stadtrevue

Funded by the Fonds TURN of the German Federal Cultural Foundation
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