Lecture and Performance

• Thu 06​ 06​ 2019 •
NOORDKAAP TAXI Taxi Lectures - „Cologne, What is Your Mother’s Maiden Name?“ & „404 Schrott aller Art“



Venue: Academyspace, Herwarthstraße 3, 50670 Köln
In english language
Free admission

Noordkaap presents a lecture by the artist & producer Max Dovey on psychometric science and digital art, with a special focus on Agorama. Dovey is co-founder of this East-London-based collective of technologists who critically explore digital culture. He will also introduce his taxi project that evolved in collaboration with participants of the Cologne Youth Academy that starts on the 8th of June, “Cologne, What is Your Mother’s Maiden Name?”

His lecture will be followed by a lecture performance of the Dutch duo JODI.
For the performance, JODI will focus on the car as a long-standing (and long-moving) object of its on- and offline work.
This lecture performance is part of the “NKTaxi” project produced by Noordkaap/NL in collaboration with the Academy of the Arts of the World.

Max Dovey works with people and technologies to create scenario-based interactions and experiences, critically reflecting on emerging technology and exploring the politics of a networked society. For instance, A Hipster Bar (2015) is a pop-up bar that uses image recognition to only admit people recognised as hipsters according to a custom-made algorithm; Respiratory Mining (2017) is a work in which the act of breathing is turned into crypto currency.
Dovey received a Master’s degree in Media Design & Communication at the Piet Zwart Academy Rotterdam and worked, amongst others, with V2_ and The Patching Zone in Rotterdam. He showed his work at the Ars Electronica and The Lowry in Manchester (Humans Being Digital), taught at the Dutch Sandberg Institute as well as St. Joost Academy Breda and is an affiliated researcher at the Institute of Network Cultures and the Agorama London. He writes for Open Democracy, Imperica & Furtherfield.
The artist duo JODI originated in 1995 when Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans created their first website, wwwwwwwww.jodi.org. Together with a small group of international artists, they developed the concept of Net.Art and placed itin the context of contemporary art. The Net.Art movement expressed critical awareness of the impact made by the digital information society before this awareness became widespread.
Digital media and networks are characterised by their double layering, a visible surface and underlying codes that determine or manipulate how the public reception and interaction should proceed (“social design” or “digital dictatorship”?). These underlying codes and programming options come to the surface in JODI’s work. Instead of structural contradictions, their focus is precisely on this medium-specific dysfunctionality. JODI responds to the flow of technological innovations as a parasite, experimenting with the characteristics of new digital means and the physical peculiarities of the immaterial medium. Online public interaction first motivated JODI to approach this medium.

Noordkaap is a nomadic art platform operating in the regular channels of the art world and in disruptive locations in the urban environment. Noordkaap develops cutting-edge productions and long term programmes that critically tackle topical issues in politics and society. It blends diverse audiences with easily accessible, as well as with complex art forms connecting to the here and now.

Supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Creative Industries Fund NL and TÜV Rheinland Stiftung