• Fri 03​ 10​ – 29​ 11​ 2014 •
Pluriversale I

Several locations in Cologne, Germany

The Academy of the Arts of the World, Cologne cordially invites you to the first edition of PLURIVERSALE, its new biannual constellation of intercultural and interdisciplinary events.

The Academy is a loose virtual collective of art practitioners from different continents and disciplines, as well as a cultural institution and a production platform in the city of Cologne. With a focus on activating an intercultural and decolonial politics of art in this city of migrants, it seeks to operate beyond the romance of multiculturalism, fostering alternative ways of thinking and acting under increasingly troubled global conditions.

Held twice a year over two months in autumn and spring, PLURIVERSALE, consisting of site-specific projects, exhibitions, concerts, discussions, film screenings, and performative symposia, proposes an alternative to the usual rhythms of biennials and their narration of unquiet times, too often universalist and relativist at once. The format’s name refers to the concept of pluriversality as used by Enrique Dussel, Walter D. Mignolo, and other thinkers from the context of postcolonial studies—the idea that one needs not a universalist but a “pluriversal” hermeneutic to deal with a world of many entangled cosmologies, the interrelation of which are regulated by a colonial power differential. In this spirit, PLURIVERSALE can be imagined as a platform that rejects a unifying narrative in favor of a critical clustering of different “worlds,” nevertheless entangled through their critical, negative, and resistant attitudes to the power differentials of a singular modernity and its universal claim.


3 – 5 10 2014

Sound of the Imaginary Homeland

Curated by Mark Terkessidis, organised by Run United Music
Venues: Stadtgarten, Depot I, King Georg

10 – 14 10 2014

URXX – Ultra-red 1994–2014: Second encounter

Veunue: King Georg

16 – 20 10 2014

The Mount of Hercules

An installation by Yochai Avrahami
Venue: Herkulesberg

17 – 19 10 2014

Reports to an Academy
A non-academic symposium,performative or otherwise

Concept and presentation by Ekaterina Degot and David Riff

With Haig Aivazian, Christian von Borries, Keti Chukhrov, Gabriel Dharmoo, Fadlabi and Lars Cuzner, Hu Fang, Felix Klopotek, Uriel Orlow, Our Literal Speed, Manuel Pelmus and Alexandra Pirici, Milo Rau, Naomi Rincón Gallardo, Jalal Toufic, Stefan Weidner, and others
Venue: Kölnischer Kunstverein, Hahnenstraße 6, 50667 Cologne, and others

25 – 28 10 2014

Ocotepec Odyssey
Sci-fi folk tales by Naomi Rincón Gallardo*

Installation, performance, and retrospective of Mexican sci-fi films of the ’60s
Venue: Filmhauskino, Maybachstr.111, 50670 Köln

7 - 8 11 2014

From Concubine to Migrant Worker? Women in China

Colloquium curated by Tienchi Martin-Liao
Venue: Fritz-Thyssen Stiftung, Apostelnkloster 13-15, 50672 Köln

4 - 29 11 2014

The Incidental Insurgents Pt.2: Unforgiving Years

A project by Ruanne Abou-Rahme and Basel Abbas
Venue: Alte Feuerwache, Melchiorstraße 3, 50670 Cologne, Caretaker's apartment, 3 €

27 - 29 11 2014

Solidarité! Solidarität! Solidarity!

Dance performance by tanz Lange
Venue: studiobühneköln, Universitätsstraße 16 a, 50937 Köln

27 – 29 11 2014

The Forest and the School: Where to sit at the Dinner Table?
The concept of antropofagia in Brazilian thought and its philosophical, ecological, and cosmopolitical influence

A project by Pedro Neves Marques
Book launch, dicussions, and film program
Venue: Temporary Gallery, Mauritiuswall 35, 50676 Köln

*Program Beneficiary of Jóvenes Creadores 2012-2013 del Fondo Nacional Para la Cultura y las Artes, México