Workshop Youth Academy

• 25​ – 26​ 06​ 2015 •
Olga Jitlina The Art of Idleness

10:00 – 16:00

What do idleness or indolence evoke in you? Echoing somersaults in a fountain, collective siestas on a football pitch, fleeing to the balcony, picnics in a full metro carriage, gloriously skating in a garbage bin, looking up to see vague rocaille clouds? The praise of idleness can be found in art but also in economic, political and socio-scientific thinking. The workshop – co-developed by Alexander Skidan and Emily Newman – theoretically and practically addresses these approaches, trying to reclaim idleness for an art exhausted by project-juggling, deadline pressure, endless networking and precarious self-exploitation.

Olga Jitlina is an art historian, critic, curator, and video artist from Saint Petersburg. She postgraduated at Repin Academy of Arts. Jitlina’s works often investigate labour migration, its narratives and illusions in post-Soviet space.

in English

Limited to 15 participants! Please register until 22. June:

The participation in the workshop is free of charge.