• 05​ 09​ 2015 •
How to Think (Against) the War

An all-day long marathon of lectures, readings, discussions and political discourse

An event in the frame of PLURIVERSALE III.

Venue: Academyspace, Herwarthstraße 3, 50672 Köln
3 €
In English

The war between Russia and Ukraine is brought home through the media daily, but still, Donbass is far away. People are all too willing to listen to propaganda, easily siding with the heroic Ukraine standing up for European values or with Putin standing up to the Americans. Aside from the fact that disinformation far outweighs balanced reporting, there is a breathtaking lack of intellectual and cultural tools to oppose the rise of nationalism and revisionism, and a lack of spaces or platforms from which to suggest analytical and imaginative alternatives to what seems like an insoluble impasse. Our goal is to create such a temporary space where we might search for the right language against the war, however naive that sounds. In a daylong symposium, artists and intellectuals from Ukraine, Russia and Germany illuminate the realities and backgrounds of the present conflict through eyewitness accounts, commentary and heated disputes.


11:00 Coffee

Introductory notes

11:45–12:30 MYKOLA RIDNYI (Kharkiv), ROMAN OSMINKIN(Saint Petersburg)
Artists between the Fronts

Sweeping the Minefields of Propaganda: The Militarization of Media in Russia and Ukraine

13:15–14:00 OXANA TIMOFEEVA (Saint Petersburg)
Notes from the Homefront: Fear and Loathing in Russia Today

14:00–15:00 Break

15.00–15:45 KARL SCHLÖGEL (Berlin)
Ukraine as Europe’s Blind Spot

15:45–16:30 ATALIA GUMENIUK (Kyiv), OLEG ZHURAVLEV (Moscow)
From Maidan to Donbass

16:30–16:45 Break

16:45–17:30 BORIS BUDEN (Berlin),OLEKSIY RADYNSKI (Kyiv)
Revisionism or Europeisation?

17:30–18:30 General discussion with participants and the audience