• 19​ 09​ 2015 •
Lyudska Podoba

An event in the frame of PLURIVERSALE III.

19:00–19:40 First set
21:00–21:40 Second set
A concert in the context of Kölner Musiknacht. Tickts for Kölner Musiknacht 2015 for 18,– Euro are available at KÖLN TICKET, KÖLN TOURISMUS, and every booking office connected as well as the evening box offices. Tickets and information at
Venue: Academyspace, Herwarthstraße 3, 50672 Cologne

Lyudska Podoba is an avant-pop band founded by Ukrainian artists Anatoly Belov and Georgy Babanski. Fusing dance beats, avant-garde madness, and post-Soviet soulfulness, they probe questions of queerness, gender, sexuality, beauty, love and the lack thereof – all for the first time in Cologne. Adopting consciously campy, maudlin poses, they stress the constructedness of identity, which is even implied by their name – translatable as “Human Likeness.” Against the backdrop of the homophobia that is widespread not only in Ukraine but in the whole post-Soviet region, they sound a note of joyous defiance. “It’s shiny music,” they say, “overflowing with all our favorite fetishes, mixing the things that inspire us, the things that makes us dance, turn, twist and laugh.”