Youth Academy

Ulf Aminde Autumn Season 2015

An event in the frame of PLURIVERSALE III.

The Academy of the Arts of the World runs ist own educational initiative, the Young Academy. Its young fellows actively engage with impulses offered by the Academy progam and reflect upon them in a laboratory setting, ultimately producing work of their own. The Young Academy is curated by Cologne theater director Georg Blokus. Further enrollment information can be found our homepage. Beginning this autumn, the Young Academy features a guest curator who joins the group to develop a common project, presented at the season’s end. This autumn’s guest curator is Ulf Aminde, whose work critically focuses on the questions of authority and representation that arise in collaborations in places and with people usually disconnected from the arts. This problematic stands at the center of his workshops for the Young Academy, with whose fellows he will develop a project for Febuary–March 2016.