• 03​ 10​ 2015 •
Georg Schöllhammer, Hedwig Saxenhuber, Ekaterina Degot Colonial Curating or Conflict Resolution? The Embattled Kyiv Biennial

Venue: Academyspace, Herwarthstraße 3, 50672 Cologne
3 €
In English

Hedwig Saxenhuber and Georg Schöllhammer were about to curate Kyiv’s second biennial of contemporary art when it was called into doubt as the hosts cancelled the event, citing difficulties because of the war with Russia. But the curators pressed on with their project, The School of Kyiv, often under fire as either too pro-Russian or too pro-European. On the closing day of the exhibition Phone Calls from the Cemetery and Other Stories, created in partnership with Kyiv Biennial, they join Ekaterina Degot to reflect upon the difficulties of curating in an ideological minefield.