• 13​ 05​ – 13​ 06​ 2015 •
Raed Yassin Karaoke

An event in the frame of PLURIVERSALE II.
Venue: Academyspace, Herwarthstraße 3, 50672 Cologne

Wed 13 5 2015 – Sat 13 6 2015
Karaoke, Exhibition

Where is father? Every night, a family gathers in front of the TV to raise the same question, hoping to catch a glimpse of him hiding in the glamorous world of the Egyptian film industry. They will not find him, but see him in dreams through images of stars. Raed Yassin, a Beirut-born artist and musician, is haunted by Middle Eastern pop culture from the 1960s up to today, with its stand-up comedy, belly dancing, and films. Among other works, the exhibition premieres Yassin’s new video installation Karaoke (2015), a meditation on the burning shame felt by a child in the face of artistic failure. Yassin’s semi-fictitious, sad/funny stories are always about longing, embarrassment, and false hope, but equally about history’s deep unfairness towards the self-colonized periphery, unjustly represented as backwards and imitative.

Fr 15 5 2015
On Art, Performance and Good Cooking
Artist talk with Raed Yassin and Ekaterina Degot

The Raed Yassin CookSongBook performed by UTE WASSERMANN

How do you sing a fruit soup? Or asparagus? Lentils might be especially challenging. Ute Wassermann sings, whistles, and produces virtuosic, nondescript sounds for Raed Yassin CookSongBook, a project by the visual artist and musician Raed Yassin (first performed by Ute Wassermann at Café Oto/London in 2014). A cookbook and songbook at once, it contains recipes that are rendered as graphic scores to be sung by a solo female vocalist. Yassin loves both food and music, and understands both as socially conditioned communication devices, rather than perfect masterpieces isolated in ivory towers – although, more people would probably agree to that in relation to asparagus than to music.

Fri 5 6 2015
The Politics of Sound in Beirut, Talk

How does art respond to times of political turmoil and war? Artists have different ways of dealing with this question. For some, conditions of conflict lead directly to activism and intervention, be it with artistic or non-artistic means. For others, on the contrary, the point is to concentrate on nothing but art. The musical ethnologist, journalist and founder of the global music platform Thomas Burkhalter will discuss this tense relation with Raed Yassin, exploring his multi-facetted practices and experiences in the Lebanese context of war, political crisis and uncertain futures.