• 22​ – 26​ 02​ 2016 •
The Privilege of (Self-)Representation. Workshop week

With Marianne Bechhaus-Gerst, Katia Barrett, Antonina Baever, Massimo Perinelli, Nanna Heidenreich, Cana Bilir-Meier.
Conduct: Ulf Aminde
Venue: ACADEMYSPACE, Herwarthstraße 3, 50672 Köln
Contact: info@academycologne.org

Cologne has a vibrant anti-racist scene. However, the terms of engagement are increasingly up for debate. Who speaks for whom? Is critical whiteness just another way for white people to keep talking about themselves? Such questions blew up into a huge controversy in Cologne at the No Borders Camp of 2012. At this Germany-wide meeting of anti-racist initiatives, a predominantly white, middle class, anti-racist left was accused of perpetuating racist stereotypes from a critical position. This season, the fellows of the Youth Academy join guest curator and artist ULF AMINDE in revisiting the issues at stake in these debates. A series of workshops with invited guest speakers introduces different experiences of anti-racist practice in activism and cultural production and explores their implications for the production of media images, art, and films.

Contributions by the guest fellows:

Mon 22 2 2016 / 11:00
Cologne and the German Colonialism
All day

Tue 23 2 2016
Analogue Identities – Identity at the Threshold of Coupling
Forever Raved

Wed 24 2 2016 / 11:00
Kanak Workerism instead of Checking Privileges. Migrant Fights and the Misery of German Identity Policies

Thu 25 2 2016 / 15:30
The Art of Migration

Fri 26 2 2016 / 13:30
Contemplating the Archive. Notes to Ses Alma Rehberi

Marianne Bechhaus-Gerst is a professor of African Studies at the University of Cologne. Her researches include among others the history of people of African origins in Germany and German colonial history. Her latest publications in this field, Frauen in den deutschen Kolonien (2009, ed. together with Mechthild Leutner) and Treu bis in den Tod (2007), were both published by Ch. Links Verlag. As a curator, she has supervised exhibitions on the colonial past of the cities of Cologne and Aachen as well as on the construction of Africa in our everyday culture. She is chairperson of the association KopfWelten, a local history project involved in memory work in Cologne.

Katia Barrett is a London-based artist who is currently completing her MA at the Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem. Her recent research and practice draw upon developments in interdisciplinary theoretical biology in which the subjectivization of nature corresponds with a naturalization of subjectivity. From this theoretical platform, she explores questions of agency, reason, consciousness and will. Her recent shows include Young London at the V22 in London (2013) and Geology of Piss at xero, kline & coma in London (2012).

Antonina Baever is an artist and curator based in Moscow. She participated in the video art festivals of Orebro, Cologne, Moscow and Melbourne and the Bergen Assembly 2013. Her most recent solo exhibitions include Socialism in a Dream (MUZEON Park of Arts, Moscow, 2014), Time Shall Be No More (CEH Manege, Moscow, 2014), Getting There Together (Triumph Gallery, Moscow, 2013). Her works can be found in museums and public collections such as the MMoMA and MUZEON Park of Arts, Documentary Film Center in Moscow.

Massimo Perinelli is a historian at the University of Cologne. He was active with Kanak Attak and is a founding member of the initiative „Keupstraße ist überall“ and of the action group „NSU-Komplex auflösen“. Dostluk Sineması was a film series he screened in cafés along the Keupstraße in Cologne featuring testimonies of persons affected by the pogroms of the 1990s and by the NSU attack in 2004. The film series finally resulted in his publication Von Mauerfall bis Nagelbombe (Amadeu Antonio Foundation, 2014). In the near future he will take up a post as an advisor in the migration division of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Berlin.

Nanna Heidenreich works as a lecturer/researcher in media studies at the Braunschweig University of Art. She is also co-curator of the Berlinale program Forum Expanded. Since November 2015, she has been working on subjects like migration, forced displacement and immigration for the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. She has published widely on migration, visual culture, postcolonial theory and other Cinema. In 2015, her dissertation V/Erkennungsdienste, das Kino und die Perspektive der Migration (transcript) was published. She lives in Berlin.

Cana Bilir-Meier is an author, curator and artist. She has worked as a schoolteacher and as an assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She recently curated a program about experimental short films by Austrian women in Istanbul and developed a documentary film about censorship in art and cinema in Turkey since the 1980s. Currently she is a grantee of kültür gemma!, a project to promote city culture in Vienna as well as migrant art and cultural production. Her films have been shown at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen and the Diagonale in Graz, among others. She lives and works in Vienna and Istanbul.

Ulf Aminde is a Berlin based artist. Drawing on cinematic, performative and documentary strategies his works critically confront questions of authority and representation, which frequently arise in collaborations in places and with people usually disconnected from the arts. What all his works have in common is unrestricted solidarization with the participants of his projects. In addition, he is active in the field of education with his current research focusing on the future potential of art academies. Beyond that, he is involved in various self-organized artists’ associations where he works on the solidarization potential within the art world.  At the moment, he is developing the format *foundationClass in Berlin which is supposed to enable refugees to apply at German art academies. 

His most recent institutional solo exhibitions were on display at the Heidelberger Kunstverein and Kunst-Werke Berlin and this year at West, Den Haag.

Mon 18 7 – Sun 24 7 2016 / 10:00-22:00
Ulf Aminde and the fellows of the Youth Academy will present the final results of the 2015/2016 year of work at ACADEMYSPACE.