Film screening and talk

• 20​ 05​ 2016 •
Christopher Kirkley Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai (Rain the Color of Blue with a Little Red in It)

Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazougaj, 75′, Niger 2015, Color, Tamasheq with English subs

Venue: Filmhauskino, Maybachstraße 111, 50670 Cologne
7 €, reduced 6 €
Ensuing talk in English

22:30 Extra event: DJ set by Christopher Kirkley at King Georg, Sudermanstraße 2, 50670 Cologne

It’s a classic story. A guitar hero rides into town in a purple cape on a purple motorcycle and rises to fame for his virtuoso chops, eventually wooing a girl out of his league. This isn’t Prince’s Purple Rain (1984), but a post-colonial remake set in the Sahel, and the first-ever feature film in the Tuareg language, in which there is no word for the color purple—hence the lengthy title. Translated literally it means: Rain the Color of Blue with a Little Red in It. It stars guitar player Mdou Moctar, who comes to the city of Agadez, one of the centers of the Tuareg Rebellion in Niger in the 1990s and now a music-crazy capital of desert blues. Here, he plays and romances his way to an epic six-string shootout with the jealous king of the local scene. This feature film was a self-organized project funded by a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, and directed and written by Christopher Kirkley. He joins in conversation with radio journalist and writer UH-YOUNG KIM to talk about his engagement with the music scene in the Sahel.

Christopher Kirkley is an archivist, artist, curator, and occasional DJ from Portland who runs the project Sahel Sounds, a platform for exploring the arts and music of West Africa through non-traditional ethnographic fieldwork.