Videoblog: How it All Happened

With ist unmistakable blend of delight in theatrical play and conceptual rigor, Nature Theater of Oklahoma has consistently searched for new opportunities to form a community with ist audience. After many years of successful touring to theater festivals around the world, Kelly Copper and Pavol Liska are finally coming to Cologne to try out even more radical forms of directly engaging the audience.The city becomes a film set, its streets become a stage, and everybody becomes part of the theater. Germany Year 2071 is a retro science fiction film: a dystopian scenario for the late 21st century that we would actually rather not want to imagine. Germany is a country on the verge of collapse, where extra-terrestrials who look like humans are being imported from other planets for their delicious meat. Dorothy and Joseph, the film/performance’s heores, uncover a sinister plan and, among others, have to fight a monstrous Swamp Creature ...

During the days of Nature Theater's filming in Cologne, the Academy of the Arts of the World and Impulse Theater Festival 2016 have produced a behind-the-scenes video on the making of the project. Stay tuned for the results!