• 03​ 11​ 2016 •
Rochus Aust/1. Deutsches Stromorchester Resonating Suitcase/Suitcasing Resonance


World premiere

Venue: Kunst-Station Sankt Peter, Jabachstraße 1, 50676 Cologne
Free admission

The planetary spread of European classical music – and later, one might argue, of global rock and pop – is one of the most far-reaching forms of cultural (self-)colonialization. By now, much of the planet dances to simplified tunes, near-totalitarian harmonies, reduced to options of major and minor. The more complex harmonic systems are subsumed under the notion of the exotic whenever serious music includes them. In his project Resonating Suitcase/Suitcasing Resonance, sound artist and composer Rochus Aust both reenacts and vexes this musical colonialism. He investigates the musical preferences and passions of all his immediate neighbors on one street in culturally diverse Cologne, inviting anyone ready to listen to an exchange of musical gifts. After giving them a typically German sound, he asks them for a specific personal piece of music or sound. All the sounds, music, songs and noises thus collected form the basis of a concert drawn from Aust’s suitcase.

Rochus Aust’s work as a composer and trumpet player is produced and performed in over 40 countries in premieres or unique performances. Important milestones of his work have most recently been the European Capitals of Cultural RUHR.2010 and Marseille Provence 2013, Space Odyssey in Kyiv 2011, /si:n/ festival in Ramallah 2013, and Highline in New York in 2015.